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Nikki's Readings

No words can express her depth of knowledge from spirit.  Absolutely amazing. 

                                                   -  Chris P. from Portland, OR

You've always been so great to me over the years and really glad I called you today. My life has been slowing but surely being pieced back together and want to thank you so much for insight, truth, wisdom and helping me restore my self motivation to continue to thrive in life. Thank you for always helping me to re-learn myself and also protecting and help me see what's good and what's not beneficial for me with others and my actions. Your truly the most amazing gift to me. Many blessings to you my friend. Fast accurate and always well deserving of 5 stars although your most definitely a 1000+ more rating! 

                                                  - Susan H. from San Antonio, TX

Fantastic reading by an amazing gifted soul. Predictions happened and also was straight to the point.  Enough said.

                                        -  Carla G. from Los Angeles, CA.

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Thank you for your very in depth insightful advice and guidance. Really appreciate all your help and truthfulness to keep me focused in the right direction and to make me see clearly.  The connection we made really made me re-think a lot

of things in my life.  I always look forward to our readings together. 

                                    -  Michelle T.  from Tampa Bay, FL

My go to reader. Very accurate and true predictions. Overall an awesome reader.

Would highly recommend.

                                - Shannon D. from Lake Havasu, AZ


Kind and compassionate. Knew things that only my mother and I would know, lots of details. Her connection with my mother made me feel at peace. Thank you for connecting us.

                                   -  James A. from Riverside, CA